All sessions are conducted over Zoom and recorded for you.

Pre-Session Prep and Post-Session Integration is included with each session.

Length of sessions vary.

When booking the session time will include what time it typically takes, however, I always add buffer time on my schedule between sessions in case we need more time and to clear energies and prep for the next reading and I suggest you leave some time open following your scheduled reading time as well.

Reading types and descriptions are below.

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Phoenix Ha
Fire Dancer & Metal Designer

Los Angeles, CA

Christy Tice
Massage Therapist & Esthetician

Las Vegas, NV

Lizzie Rose
               Content Creator Designer

Los Angeles, CA

Intuitive Reading

Can be used to explore one topic deeply, touch on several topics, or ask for messages from your Higher Self or those who have passed on.
We begin setting a clear intention for the reading, then choosing the deck, or decks, that wish to speak to you and then I begin sharing what’s coming through providing insights and guidance.
These readings are usually a combination of cards, intuition, spiritual coaching, teaching and mentoring. You will leave with one or more specific clearings to do, affirmations, declarations, and actions to take following the session.
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Tarot Card Readings

Twin Flame/Soulmate Reading

Frustrated, or curious by what’s going on with you and a partner?Using a special spread and intuition, I’ll let you know what’s going on with you and the other person. giving insights about your connection, past, present unseen conditions and drivers, karmic and potential outside influences and the bridge between the two of you, including where the energy is heading now. Includes guidance on what your best course of action is moving forward.


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Soul Business Reading

Great to do at any phase in business–start-up, growing, legacy–to receive insights, messages and deeper purposes for the businesses existence and your relationship and role within it. Using a spread she custom designed and intuition Leah will provide a detailed reading with guidance and light coaching.


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Which One Leah Grant

Following my Timeline Transformation session with Leah, I presented and none of my prior fears or anxieties was present. I was in the moment and comfortably engaging with the audience. It was great.”

D’Anne Stewart
Leadership and Corporate Coach

Nyack, New York

I had a reading with Leah on December 27, 2022. It was incredible!

The information that came through her for me answered all my questions about the issue I was seeking advice for. Leah is a special intuitive with an open heart and has compassion for what she does and also for her clients.

I highly recommend Leah from my heart to yours.”

Steven P. 
Energy Healer

Portage, Wisconsin

“Leah Grant is an experienced and highly capable intuitive counselor and healer. I have had the privilege of working with Leah on several occasions, both for intuitive counseling and readings as well as healing work. Leah has provided accurate, thorough information about several deeply personal issues, allowing me to make comprehensive decisions to move my personal growth forward in significant ways. Her healing skills have also helped me overcome several blockages, leading to improved overall health and range of motion. I would highly recommend Leah Grant as an intuitive and medium, as well as being an excellent, experienced practitioner of healing.”

Jeanne Adams
Award-Winning Author, Speaker, and Consultant

SIlver Springs, MD

“An intuitive reading with Leah was much more than what your preconceived notions might be. I think it’s much more about coaching to recognize your spiritual side, where your energy comes from, and opening yourself up to new ideas (like the presence of important people who are no longer here — don’t be embarrassed — you talk to them too, just like I do) and Leah’s bringing that into our time together was light and uplifting. When the Oracle decks did come out, one particular card became our focus, and it gave me a lot to think about and feel at peace with. I’ve always believed that everyone needs a coach, and we need different types of support at different times. When you’re ready for something beyond the ordinary, Leah is a master.”

Mitchell York
Certified EOS Implementer

Long Island, NY

“Leah is a gifted intuitive, In the twelve years I have known Leah, I have experienced her inner knowing, wisdom, and healing for myself, as well as for others. She can speak in Light language and remove negative energy. She has done deep inner soul healing for me by connecting eye-to-eye to remove layers of emotional trauma and stress. I always feel more relaxed, present, and in tune after working with her. I have also been with Leah several times when people have approached her, and she could hear what was needed to heal them, and they would have clarity on what to do next. I highly recommend Leah for any of your healing, or energy work, needs as she holds a pure and safe container for transformation.”

Diane Halfman
SPA Life Mentor, Speaker,
and Organizational Expert

San Diego, CA

“I have experienced various forms of Leah’s spiritual gifts as a multi-dimensional intuitive. She’s spot on, with the ability to tap into your Higher Self and provide divine messages from “you” to you. Each time she has shared a deep message with me, it registered immediately as truth throughout my body. Her direct honesty and purity in delivery has helped me use this wisdom to make major life decisions. Truth is built into her DNA, and her mere presence allows things kept in the dark as blocks to be brought to light. Her compassionate approach allows her to meet everyone exactly where they are and makes even the most daunting tasks seem feasible. I’m so grateful for her support.”

Zarina Zertuche
Marketing Consultant

La Puente, CA

Cards Side of Head

How I Became a Reader

I first encountered Tarot cards when my college roommate gifted me the Jungian Tarot deck as a graduation gift. I took the opportunity to learn about Tarot and teach myself the craft.

It wasn’t until seven years later that I would start to read for others. At first it was just friends and family and they were blown away by the accuracy of my readings (and, honestly, back then, so was I!)

Though I had always been highly intuitive, it never occurred to me to be a reader, but my success reading for them encouraged me to start charging for my readings. The more readings I did, the more I found my style and how the cards “talk” to me.

Most of my spreads are unique, though I do use the Celtic Cross for most of the single topic readings I do as it’s a very accurate spread that provides a lot of information.

Addiotnally, I do a technique that I call reading beyond the cards. I have always been very intuitive and find much more information flows to me than what a cards meaning is.

In the past 10 years, I have utilized oracle decks for my Intuitive Readings. I have over 50 oracle decks and allow whichever deck or decks are resonate with the energy of the question and the client to be used.


When scheduling and purchasing from this page you are agreeing to show-up for your scheduled reading and understand that if you do not you forfeit without refund. All sales final. If you need to reschedule, you may do so a minimum of 24 hours prior to the session.
All your information is kept confidential unless you give permission to share.

Legal Disclaimer: Readings are for entertainment and are not to be taken as legal, health or financial advice.