Ascension of the elements header

Magical first meeting of Nic and Leah in November of 2023 that led to a week creating this 11-track album in Le Fay Studios in January of 2024.

Leah and Nick

We are currently mixing. Release date to be announced soon.

Tracks on Ascension of the Elements

1. Elements

2. Earth

3. Earth Meets Water

4. Water

5. Water Meets Fire

6. Fire

7. Fire Meets Air

8. Air

9. Air Meets Earth

10. Ether

11. Ascension

Leah Grant


Percussion Instruments

Nic LeFay

(list all instruments he played on the album – Leah needs to find list of these – it’s a lot)

Nic LeFay

Songwriter, Multi-intrumentalist, Composer, Storyteller, Producer and Owner of Le Fay Studios

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