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“The body benefits from movement,
and the mind benefits from stillness.”


~ Sakyong Mipham

Leah Grant Prayer Reeds


“Within three seconds of listening to Leah Grant’s Ecstatic Meditation™, I realized how deep and powerful her music is. Leah has been graced with a voice that only the Heavens can create. By mixing Sanskrit chants with hymn-like melodies, she is opening the portals to enlightenment and unity for all. This CD is a must have for anyone on the Spiritual Path.”

Fiz Anthony
Award-Winning Author, Speaker and Musician
Largo, FL

“I heard just a short clip of Leah’s CD and immediately knew I had to have it. It touched my heart in such a profound way. As a healer I knew this would bring a whole new layer to the healings I already offer. I can take my clients deeper and make their journey even more transformational just by playing this softly in the background. The possibilities here are endless and I can’t wait to play!”

Deanna Ottway Wessman
Psychic Medium and Energy Healer
Park City, Utah

“I am in love with this!  It has all the deep connection of traditional meditation created as a whole body experience.  It helped me to be present and reintegrate my mind, body and spirit through sound, movement and expression.  When I let go and let myself be enveloped by each portion, I am renewed within and balanced–grounded to the earth and connected to God (spirit).  Ever receiving, the Sanskrit chant specifically sparked a flood of Divine inspiration, that as an artist, I was profoundly grateful for. Get ready to be creative! 

Zarina Zertuche
Somatic Intuitive and Sacred Embodiment Mentor
Carlsbad, CA

“I love it!  Ecstatic Meditation™ is an experience that embodies all of the elements on a vibrational level.  It creates a fulfilling full expression of emotion through the body and the mind that brings you to a more pure silence where you can really feel oneness.”

Diane Halfman
Keynote Speaker, Mentor, Facilitator
San Diego, CA 

Ecstatic Meditation™ One

Ecstatic Meditation Cover

This debut creation is a gateway to an immediate transformation of mind, body, emotion, and spirit.

The first track takes you on educational journey about Ecstatic Meditation™ that prepares you for the experience.

The second track is the Ecstatic Meditation™ One. In forty-five minutes, you are guided, with the support of original composition music representing Earth, Water, Fire and Air, to release trapped energies and emotions then go deep within your heart and open it to receive a high vibration angelic attunement.

The third track, beautiful to play on repeat in the background of energy work or healings, is the vibrational attunement version of the mantra Om Namo Bhagavate.

All three tracks available for immediate download for $5.55 

The Story

Leah Grant hadn’t sung anywhere except her car until November 2012. While attending a spiritual retreat in Costa Rica, Leah shocked herself when she took the stage and allowed the angels to sing through her in Light Language. She delivered a powerful vibrational attunement that left the group transformed.

After playing with some different types of music, she was drawn to sing Sanskrit chants in a hymn-like style. The guidance to create Ecstatic Meditation™ followed shortly thereafter. One was recorded and edited in just four weeks in August of 2014 in Ojai, California through a series of Divine synchronicities. It was released in October of 2014.

While Lotus was first given to Leah as a nickname by one of her former spiritual teachers, Leah now relates to Lotus as a collective in the angelic realm who channel vibrational song and Light Language transmissions through her..

About Leah

Leah Grant is a Multidimensional Consciousness Catalyst who assists seekers in awakening to their true selves. She educates on expanding into different dimensions. She facilitates integrating spiritual experiences. She is a Certified Master Intuitive.

Starting at a young age, following a spontaneous healing, Leah has served as coach, intuitive, teacher, and consultant to thousands over the past two decades.

She is an International best-selling author. She is a vibrational singer channeling a collective from the angelic realm she’s named Lotus. She has spoken on stages across the US and hostesses a podcast: Adventures in Mysticism.

You can learn more about Leah here.

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