This AIM Special Episode explores Leah’s adventures with being raised Catholic, how her atheist boyfriend impacted her beliefs, the ten commandments and the seven mortal sins.
This AIM Special Episode shares Leah’s full 45-minute Ecstatic Meditation™ ONE. Listen to Adventures in Mysticism - Channeling Angels episode to learn the mystical adventure that led to it being recorded.
This AIM episode’s mystical adventure shares Leah’s fascination with rocks, more details of the amethyst crystal that “took a hit” for her, and her relationship with amethysts. Learn about the protector stones that showed up for her in a time of need and the crystal she slept with that changed color.
This AIM episode’s mystical adventure shares Leah's response to Puerto Rico’s aura, unrestful spirits roaming the island, and being trapped by high tide in her hotel room with a dense presence. Discover what was watching her in the shower and the strange man disappearing/appearing at the abandoned resort.
This AIM episode’s mystical adventure shares my encounter with Rosy the Roadrunner in Utah, the message of the insistent raven in Southern California, and the foretelling of deception and fraud by two magpies in Colorado. Discover what seeing a quail in Nevada initially meant and the often overlooked meaning of quail.
This AIM episode’s mystical adventure shares a reading of my contribution to the Soul Biz book and how purpose-based businesses are soul initiations. Discover what initiations does each letter in the word soul stand for and how you can access bonus material at Thank you for tuning in!

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