Welcome to Adventures in Mysticism (AIM) podcast. Learn about Spiritual Guide, Leah Grant and what AIM is going to be about. We hope that you enjoy this and are invited to join us for a mystical journey in every episode.
This AIM episode’s mystical adventure explores when Leah (and most “born awake”) realize they are different. Learn about her seven initial spiritual guides and why Leah’s Mom insisted she refer to her guides as imaginary friends. Leah has had Various interactions, some pretty hilarious, with her spirit guides
This AIM episode’s mystical adventure explores how spirit communicates with us and how far off course we can get when we aren’t operating consciously. Leah shares about her spontaneous healing experience – in detail.
This AIM episode’s mystical adventure explores Leah’s journey from tone-deaf to recording an album. Learn what happened that allowed Leah to be a channel and how Ecstatic Meditation™ was created.
This AIM episode’s mystical adventure explores what caused Leah to move out of her cushy townhouse in San Diego and live out of her car, the literal sign Leah received when she had nowhere to stay and the gift she received from Jesus.
This AIM episode’s mystical adventure explores the first time Leah saw a dead person (and didn’t even realize it!) and the terrifying paranormal experience that caused Leah to shut her gift of mediumship off for over a decade. Leah shares her experience of living in a house with a lot of paranormal activity and why...

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