Leah loves teaching and has been currently on the faculty for four different universities. 

She has long been asked to create and teach her own courses, and has done so some over the years.

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Student Raves

“Leah you are excellent at listening and helping people find the underlying issues and I truly enjoyed listening to you coach and would love to take more courses with you to learn more.

Thank you very much for your patience and you incredible wisdom and willingness to share it.”

~D. C.  – Stouffville, ON, Canada

“This was an enjoyable class. Leah is a terrific class leader.”

~ N. Y.  – Cranston, RI

“Leah was a strong and knowledgeable course leader. Her ability to really listen and coach through the material was amazing and a great example to the class of great coaching in action. I would definitely seek out Leah as a facilitator for future courses.”

~M. K. – Inverness, IL

“I only wish there was a 5+ category!  Leah is a truly exceptional coach and teacher.  I aspire to model her groundedness and lasering while furthering our discussions & insight.  One of the best classes! Lots and lots of value. Thank you, Leah.”

~T. G. – Wyncote, PA

“I think you did a great job, Leah. You taught the class in a way that helped me to gain a great deal of information. The space you created was very open and laid back. Thanks so much!”

~ L. F.   – Nashville, TN

“Great class.  Leah really brought a lot of energy to each session and was very practical in introducing the material. Sorry I had to miss one session – it was my loss.”

~R. M.  – Cincinnati, OH

“Leah was the best instructor I’ve had thus far on the teleclasses! Her energy and enthusiasm made the class very interesting and exciting.   She tied what people said into the learning’s and provided excellent examples.  No constructive feedback to provide – it was a great learning experience!”

~S. R.  – Houston, TX

“Leah is the best, most effective instructor I’ve had in all of my CoachU classes.  I thoroughly enjoyed the class and learned a lot. Thank you!”

~H. H. – Lexington, VA

“I am already applying what I learned in her class and clients have shared with me their appreciation for the difference it has made in my coaching. Anyone who has a chance to participate in one or more of her classes should not just consider it but jump at the opportunity. I hope to have opportunities to attend more of her classes in the future. Thanks Leah!!!”

~M. M. – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

“WOW! Leah is phenomenal. She coached a student and demonstrated her incredible mastery of coaching in the very first class. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from her.”

~C. M. – Boulder, CO

“Excellent course leader! Thanks so much, I learned a lot!”

~J. O. – Paranaque City, Philippines

“I dearly loved this course. Leah is an outstanding teleclass leader, and the class members themselves added immensely to the experience. Love it!”

~K. B. – Baton Rouge, LA

“Leah did a great job stimulating discussion and keeping the class relevant. I appreciated the manageable pace for reflection and integration.”

~W. S. – Hatfield, PA

“Leah came across as highly skilled and motivated to help her students learn from her class. I very much enjoyed the class and found this to be one of the best I have taken in terms of my learning. Thank you.”

~B. G. – Whitegate, Cheshire, UK

“Leah did a great job of allowing plenty of space for class members to comment on each other’s packets, and still weighed in with her own voice of experience. She effectively used class examples to illustrate broader learning points. She did a great job.”

~M. P. – Rockville, MD

“I enjoyed the good discussions during class…Leah does a great job of facilitating rich discussion. She has an open and welcoming way of leading.”

~ M. W – Montrose, CO

“Leah was great! I really enjoyed this class and felt that Leah gave it depth and focus.”

~ J. G. – Moravia, NY