“ Great things in business are never done by one person.  They are done by a team of people. ” 

– Steve Jobs

Leah has eternal gratitude for everyone on her team who, by sharing their various gifts and talents, assist her in servicing clients, bringing her visions into reality, and dealing with the little things required to make great things happen.

sheena gee

Virtual Assistant 

Handling all things admin as well as social media, Sheena supports Leah in making sure clients are well taken care of and communication is created and broadcast.

kimmy paclibar

Project Assistant 

I am responsible for executing technical projects, such as website redesigns, and planning and editing website content to ensure it is user-friendly and engaging.


Podcast Team

The world’s great podcast team. They specialize in Podcast Launching and Relaunching and Ongoing Podcast Management! 

Lizzie Rose

Artistic Photographer

I am a photographer, stylist, creative business consultant, body positive curve model, artist and muse. I am passionate about celebration of self and all things beautiful intrinsically in this world.

Stephanie Conrad

Portrait Photographer

I am a Certified Professional Photographer with more than 9 years in the industry and a member of the Board of Directors for Professional Photographers of Colorado.

Justin Hibbard

Voice Over Talent

I am a voice artist, on camera host, emcee, videographer, visual designer, marketer, importer, outdoor fanatic, globetrotter, competitive runner, dog lover, audiophile, beach bum, lifelong learner, and multi-linguist.

Eram Saeed

Telesummit Coach; Founder, From Heartache to Joy and Manifestality

Rhonda Turner

Bookkeeper, Nature Photographer

Amy rose herrick

Tax Professional

Adam Apollo

Logo and Website Designer

How do we discover our vision, mission, and deepest purpose? I build online Academies, Brands, Encryption, Social Systems, and Communities dedicated to individual and collective Destiny.

Michael Sean Brown

Cosmologist / Memaniac

I am an existential cartographer,  a cosmologist, a psychonaut, a regenerative organization and development consultant,  a content creator, and an impact entrepreneur.

Claribel Tovar

Make-Up Artist

I’m an entrepreneur and a leader. I love giving advice to people with the same dreams and goals on life. Sometimes the only thing we have to switch is our mental health for success!


God – Everything

Zarina Zertuche – Marketing

Maria Whalen – Invincibility

Mirasee – Online Course Creation

Ali Katz – Legal, Insurance, Financial and Taxes