Leah is a lifelong learner 
who has training in a variety 
of modalities and topics.

Her involvement in communities 
is similarly expansive.

Coaching Credentials

Master Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation

This is the highest level credential a coach can earn.  Leah was a pioneer in the industry and the 57th coach to receive this certification.

Certified Graduate of CoachU

Advanced coach training program of 125 hours focusing on small business, personal and spiritual coaching.

Certified Professional Coach by Life Purpose Institute

Advanced coach training program of 125 hours focusing on life purpose, wellness, and relationship coaching.

Certified Life Coach by Christian Toren

One-day intensive life coach training focusing on integrating intuition and coaching skills.

Certified Mentor Coach by CoachU

Leah meets the requirements to mentor coaches, both traditionally, and in a supervisory capacity. She has also successfully completed the International Coach Federation’s Assessor’s Course giving her more extensive knowledge of the ICF core competencies and the Professional Certified Coach markers that are used for evaluating recorded coaching sessions to determine the coach’s skill level.

Other Credentials

Certified Reiki I Practitioner by Gail Thackray

Leah received attunements and training in Usui and Tibetan Reiki.

Ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church

Leah was ordained 12/12/12 and uses her clergy status to officiate weddings.

Certified NLP Practitioner by the Board of Hypnotherapy

Taught by Tony Robbins Master Trainer, Niurka, the focus was on communication mastery and facilitating belief changes.

Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner by Genos International

A 360 assessment provides the feedback for measuring current emotional responses and reactions. Tools and techniques are then used to increase emotional intelligence.

Certified Full Circle Facilitator
by Full Circle

The Full Circle Model is a transformational, and proprietary, circle model that creates rapid, deep, and lasting transformations for participants.

Certified Master Psychic
 by Christian Toren

Training to understand and develop psychic abilities and use those skills to do readings for clients.

Certified Master Medium
 by Christian Toren

Training to distinguish energies wishing to come through you or use you as a channel and to communicate ethically with another person’s Higher Self.

Certified Master Clairvoyant
 by Christian Toren

Training to see the typically unseen for the purpose of identifying root causes of ongoing issues.

Certified Clairvoyant Medical Intuitive
 by Christian Toren

Training to see into the body, identify dis-ease, and determine the duration of the condition.

Independent Biometechnologist (and Affiliate)
of BiomeTech

Training focused on nutrients to repair, renew, and replenish the microbiome of all the brains in the body for optimal health and longevity.


B.A. in Communications from Trinity University

Liberal Arts College in San Antonio, TX where Leah was the campus newspaper’s Feature Editor; an anchor for the school’s cable station; and served as an Ambassador. She was awarded the Top Female Communications Student Award at graduation.

CoachU Certified Graduate

International Coach Federation Accredited Coach Training Program

Life Purpose Institute Certified Graduate

International Coach Federation Accredited Coach Training Program

Breakthrough to Success Graduate

An intensive week-long training program taught by Jack Canfield. Leah also went on to take his Advanced Breakthrough to Success training and is permitted to use the material from these trainings in her coaching.

Supreme Influence into Action Graduate

A seven-day intensive communication course and training to be a neurolinguistic programming practitioner.

The Hoffman Process Graduate

An intensive week-long soul searching, therapeutic healing retreat to identify negative behaviors, moods, and ways of thinking that developed unconsciously and were conditioned in childhood.


International Coach Federation

Leah is a longtime member of this professional coaching association. She was part of the founding leadership of the Orange County chapter and was a member of the Washington DC and Los Angeles chapters.

House of the Goddess

An international sisterhood for women on a spiritual path organized by Obsidian Whyte.

Women’s Wisdom

A San Diego-based networking and women’s event community, founded by Judy Ann Foster, focusing on empowering women in business.

eWomen Network

Leah was a member of, and spoken at, chapters in Maryland and Southern California.

Ladies Who Launch

Leah was a member of the San Diego Chapter.

Movement Makers

Led by Eiji Morishita, Leah joined other entrepreneurs in a Mastermind format to focus on purpose, profit, and philanthropy


Long-time member of this mastery level coach training and online community of coaches.

Romance Writers of America

Leah earned her Pro Member status with RWA with her Misconceptions manuscript and has been involved in Chapters in Maryland, Washington DC and Nevada.

doTerra International

Leah is a registered Independent Wellness Advocate of their essential oils and products.

Lhasa Happy Homes

Small dog rescue where Leah volunteered when she lived in Los Angeles and now donates to. She also adopted her adored Maltese, Tinkerbell (RIP) from them.