What Is Timeline Transformation?

A powerful process crafted by Mystic Leah Grant that is part Shamanic journey, part NLP timeline therapy, part past life regression, part visioning, some intuition and a bit of alchemy that results in profound transformation.

For many this is a one and done session that removes a long-held block to shift your trajectory and opens you to new opportunities and possibilities.

Lynn’s Experience

Listen to this CEO share how just one Timeline Transformation session eliminated a block she’d been working on for years and opened up massive opportunities for her and how a session could do the same for you!

Lynn Rose
CEO of WowUNow


Michelle Abraham
CEO, AmplifYou

Rosi Hayes
MEd MFA, New Mexico

Want Your Own Transformation?

Rewrite your reality in profound ways.

One session has the potential to remove a long-held block or shift a stubborn belief plus, radically change your energy.

Don’t spend months or years messing with the same repeating patterns–schedule your Timeline Transformation™ today.

Investment: $2,222