What Is Timeline Transformation?

A powerful process crafted by Mystic Leah Grant that is part Shamanic journey, part NLP timeline therapy, part past life regression, part visioning, some intuition and a bit of alchemy that results in profound transformation.

For many this is a one and done session that removes a long-held block to shift your trajectory and opens you to new opportunities and possibilities.

Available individually or group.

Group Experiences

Held quarterly on a New Moon, group Timeline Transformations™ bring together those wanting to transmute similar blocks or beliefs.

April 8

July 5

October 2

Investment: $555



Michelle Abraham
CEO, AmplifYou

Rosi Hayes
MEd MFA, New Mexico

Individual Experience

Rewrite your reality in profound ways.

One session has the potential to remove a long-held block or shift a stubborn belief plus, radically change your energy.

Don’t spend months or years messing with the same repeating patterns–schedule your Timeline Transformation™ today.

Investment: $2,222

Lynn’s Experience

Listen to this CEO share how just one Timeline Transformation session eliminated a block she’d been working on for years and opened up massive opportunities for her and how a session could do the same for you!

Lynn Rose
CEO of WowUNow