Although it doesn’t give us the same hunger pangs as our stomach, our soul gets hungry too. Its food is kindness, compassion, love, connection, joy, and bliss.

For me, many of those soul snacks are created by writing.  When I can write and share one of my life stories alongside many other transformational authors, it is even more fulfilling. Compilation books are the perfect way to deliver bite-sized soul snacks because the authors provide insights and encouragement that uplift.

It’s been a few years since I last collaborated on a project like this, and so it’s especially fun to have participated in my latest one. The book is called 365 Soulful Messages: Right Guidance at the Right Time.  It launched on Amazon on November 19 and I was humbled that it was a #1 Amazon Bestseller in nine categories!

I contributed a piece on how I ended up moving to Las Vegas when I had no intention to do so. It’s titled: Divinely Guided to Sin City.

My story joins 364 others to create a book that can be used to brighten your morning day-by-day, to binge read, to create a super feel-good afternoon, or to give as a gift.
You can get copies here:
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