This AIM episode’s mystical adventure shares a City of Angels feather message meaning, Christianity’s meaning for three white feathers, and asking questions and receiving feathers as the answer. Leah also explores her international white feather sightings and the importance of a white feather coupled with a pink flower left for her on her doorstep.
This AIM episode’s mystical adventure shares the eye gazing exercise utilized by Leah’s spiritual teacher, the appearance of angels and what song accompanied their presence, and the gift the guru gave Leah. Thanks for tuning in!
This AIM episode's mystical adventures shares about the little girl child spirits I saw around one of my friends before she got pregnant, the little boy spirit I communicated with before and after his birth, and the spirit that came to me saying he was my son.
This AIM episode’s mystical adventure shares how a worm asked me for help, my encounter with screaming flowers, and the Druid tree spiritual practice that led a palm tree to invite me to see from its top.
This AIM episode’s mystical adventure shares how I came to be invited into a coven, some of the events we held and rituals we performed, and clearing my fiance and I’s house of a dark energy. Discover the phrase we said that kept our spells from taking away others’ free will.
This AIM episode’s mystical adventure shares about seeing a demon hovering above my bathtub, my friend being scratched by the entity in the water, and how we got rid of the dark energy.

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