Have you ever wished you could’ve known an illness was going to happen months or years beforehand, so you could prevent it?

Have you ever been to a doctor for the same thing repeatedly and none of them could figure out the source of the problem?

Have you ever wanted to know the cause of an ailment that didn’t line up with your behaviors?

If so, you might benefit from the services of a medical intuitive. A medical intuitive, is an alternative medicine practitioner who uses their intuitive abilities, rather than traditional medicine, to connect with a person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual issues to prevent them, or to find the cause of them.

What a medical intuitive is not, is a medical medium. Medical mediums channel beings that provide the information. An example is Anthony William, author of Medical Medium who channels a being from the future.

 How Does a Medical Intuitive Work?

A session usually includes a body scan that reveals what wants to be seen and then moves into addressing specific questions from the client. Connection can happen in-person or remotely. Some intuitives only require a photograph or the person’s name.

The way a medical intuitive connects with a person’s issues depends on which clair sense they possess, and what they may be more inclined to intuit.

Clairvoyance allows the intuitive to see what is going on with the person. They may see past, present and future possible issues in both the physical body and the aura. An illness created by emotions or karma may be seen in the aura often years before it manifests physically. Ailments from poisons or mistreatment of the body will be seen internally.

Claircognizance is clear knowing. With this clair, the intuitive connects to the person’s energy field and knows what is happening with them.

Clairaudience allows the intuitive to hear information from the person’s body or Higher Self.

Clairsentience feel what’s going on with the client. Those intuitives with this clair are well-suited for doing readings on children, animals, or the elderly who may be unable, or have difficulty, speaking where they are in pain or feeling discomfort.

 Some medical intuitives only see present ailments, while others can see past, and even possible future. Since there are many levels in and out of the body’s energy where information about someone’s health resides, a medical intuitive sees what stands out as being most important to that person at that time.

 Can a Medical Intuitive Treat Me?

Since most medical intuitives are not also licensed physicians or psychiatrists, they are forbidden to give medical diagnoses or treat patients. They offer their services instead as readers sharing what they see in a person’s energy as observations. The person is responsible for their own wellness and may choose to decide if they wish to believe and act on the information, or not. Those people with the ailments are encouraged to visit medical professionals for consultation or medical prescription.

 Why Go to a Medical Intuitive?

The reasons may be as varied as why someone would go see a traditional medical practitioner, but here are the top ones:


Disease shows up in the aura and the physical body before it manifests symptoms. Having someone see what is brewing in your field can inform you so you can take measures to prevent getting the illness.


Most people don’t realize it, but our physical bodies and our non-physical selves are always attempting to communicate with us, but they don’t speak out loud, or even use the same language as we do, so we often can’t hear them. A medical intuitive can connect with your Higher Self and your physical body–sometimes it’s an organ or a system–and give you the message it has for you. For example, I had a client who complained of anxiety. When I read her, her parasympathetic nervous system asked me to tell her to stop drinking coffee. She did, and the anxiety lessened considerably.

 To Determine the Cause of Their Discomfort

If you have been suffering with symptoms that baffle the doctors, or have an illness that keeps reoccurring despite multiple treatments, consulting with a medical intuitive could help you get to the root cause.  It did for me.

I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and put on medications, but my health was getting worse and I was now gaining weight rapidly without overeating. I was too young to be in menopause, and, after multiple visits to the doctors pleading with them to help me. I was told to stop coming to their office and telling them the medications weren’t working. 

Desperate to figure out what was going on with my health, I consulted an intuitive. They suggested that I was having a reaction to a poison that was being carried into my body through bread and pasta. This reading took place before we knew that glyphosate bonds with gluten, and that it’s the glyphosate, not the gluten that is the issue. I eliminated bread and pasta from my diet and lost 40 lbs. within three months. I was able to stop taking my medications, and the majority of my symptoms went away.


Having a reading to see what past, current, and possibly future illnesses are in your field can be a fascinating process. People are amazed when I see things they had forgotten, so did not share with their doctor. 

For example, I was reading a woman who couldn’t figure out why her immune system was so compromised or why she felt so moody.  I read her and heard “mold.” I asked if she’d ever been treated for mold inhalation or exposure.  She said no, but she’d lived in a house for years before discovering it was full of mold.

Whether you are just curious, want to do what you can to prevent experiencing possible future illnesses, or have a situation you are dealing with now, a medical intuitive may be able to give you some great information to take steps to get well and keep you healthy.

This article appeared in the October 2019 Issue of The Eagle Tribe Magazine.


Leah Grant elevates Consciousness as a Certified Medical Intuitive, a Master Certified Coach, a Certified Master Clairvoyant, a metaphysics teacher, and a multi-published author. She is the creator of Ecstatic Meditation™. She combines her skills in a unique transformational program called Way Beyond Coaching. https://www.leahgrant.com

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