I have evolved my business over the multiple decades I have been coaching and teaching, but none of those organic evolutions prepared me for the gut-wrenching, soul-searching, patience-expanding, roller coaster ride that rebranding myself entailed this past year.

It all started with a massive shift, releasing, and healing that took place in October of 2018 at Synergida in Costa Rica that opened me up to being ready to go against everything conventional marketing had told me and combine my seemingly unrelated products and mini brands under the one umbrella of me.  I also committed to playing as big as I am and revealing all of my spiritual gifts.

On paper, that may sound simple, logical even, but it pressed every button I had in place to not expose myself.  I did not expect that.

I dove into the rebranding project with the same forward movement that I do everything I’m committed to doing.  In November I had my first photoshoot and hired my book coaches.  In December I did a second photoshoot, hired my logo and web designer, secured a coveted spot on a larger telesummit, and felt like everything was fabulous and on target.

However, all of my activity had awakened the demons within me, and in January I embarked on a form of a dark night of the soul that was much more in the light than I thought they took place.

But I wasn’t worried.  I’d been through a dark night before.  I could handle this.

I journaled about my fear of revealing that I could often read people’s thoughts, speak to the dead, and see illnesses developing within others before they manifested.  I worked with coaches and energy healers.  I leaned on my mentors.  I got to a point where I thought I had my internal chaos under control.

Apparently, I did not.  Since our outer reflects our inner—as within, so without, I dealt with delay after delay and issue after issue around getting the site completed.

My original launch date went from June 21 to September 23 to October 7 to October 24 and finally to October 28.  Each delay forced me to face another part of me that was subconsciously holding back.

I felt anger for not already being further along.  I judged myself for staying small and taking the easy path for many years.  I sat on my couch and cried because sometimes you need to have a personal pity party to release pent up emotions.  I considered giving up.

Then I dug my heels in and got determined.  I still had moments I failed myself, but I also had moments that I amazed myself.  I felt embarrassed about the delays.  I got stressed out to the point of burn out and shut down.  I faced procrastination.  I had a good several rounds with perfectionism.

Then I finally surrendered, and got to acceptance.

I came to accept that I needed more help to birth this brand than I had needed assistance to do anything else in my business thus far.  Being super independent, I had always been able to juggle and do it all.  This time that wasn’t working.

Not to say I was completely alone.  I had my assistant Ana, and my web designer.  The problem was a couple months after hiring my designer he got both a full-time job and an amazing opportunity to catapult his big message in the world, and my project became a previous commitment to finish, not a focus, which I totally understood.  My assistant Ana did her very best to step in and pick-up where he had left off, but the platform he had built the site on was totally different from her builder.

Once I hit the acceptance phase, I reached out to my network and I asked for help and referrals and resources, and I thankfully got it.  Julia Stege of Magical Marketing agreed to get the mobile version of my Divi site working; Kate Wiley, an expert in all things technological that a solo biz owner might deal with, joined the team to make sure my OntraPort campaigns and links were set-up properly (and she’s taken on doing way more than that); Sarah Cobarrubias jumped in to proofread and do anything else I requested; Michele PW offered to assist me in getting my fiction novel set-up to sell on Amazon and teach me how to place the ads; and Sean Brown dove into turning my branded meme idea into a template and then creating my first 50 memes.

Eternally grateful to all who showed up and stayed committed and went the extra mile to make sure my vision was executed.  It’s so beautiful!

I’m also grateful to myself.  Launching an expansive personal brand is not for the faint of heart. It will bring up every doubt and insecurity you have been harboring.

I could’ve stayed comfortable where I was making a nice income and running an easy coaching practice, but I chose to expand, as well as to grow in my collaboration with others.

It may take a village to raise a child, but I can tell you, it also takes one to birth a brand.


Leah Grant elevates Consciousness as a Certified Medical Intuitive, a Master Certified Coach, a Certified Master Clairvoyant, a metaphysics teacher, and a multi-published author. She is the creator of Ecstatic Meditation™. She combines her skills in a unique transformational program called Way Beyond Coaching. https://www.leahgrant.com

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