This AIM episode’s mystical adventure Katherine shares:

  • Details about two of her near-death experiences
  • How she ended up with two other consciousnesses with her after one of them
  • About a few of her out of body experiences
  • How she got a UFO to show itself to her


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About the Guest:


Katherine is an Internationl Transformation Coach, Clarity Mastery Expert and Emotional Alchemist.

Katherine has been called the ‘Best Ace Up the Sleeve’ and ‘Jedi of Clarity’ for numerous coaches, therapists and professionals due to her meaningful systems that work, which put an end to further stoicism. She works with extremely powerful people who do not have time to be slowed down. Her work transforms the blocks to receiving: Success, Prosperity, Love, and New Opportunities, that lead to momentum increase, sustained energy for high performance, and powerhouse resiliency. She cultivates the deep inner knowing in others that Everything is an Advantage NOW.

She has been cherished at countless events, seminars and conventions, on stage and behind the scenes, creating flow and harmony so that others may shine when it matters most. She is a grounding force of peace in the midst of chaos, and is also the creator of the ‘Skill At Will’ Archetype System, and has a variety of powerful tools for restoring momentum, converting fear into action, and problem solving with Goddess/Oracle insight and Intuition fully engaged.

Katherine is the Co-Founder of Twin and the first virtual 24/7 interactive emotional metabolism and alchemy access with a global mission of Presence and Self Worth. Twin Inferno is also built to be Transformational Performance Art with a video library of teaching stories and resources to explore Presence and Conscious Perception.

Katherine does ongoing private session work, group masterminds, workshops, and retreats. She draws upon over 20 years of leadership, teaching and volunteer work for non-profit organizations and success in the professional arena in addition to being a Martial Artist, Reiki Master, Spiritual Advisor, Visionary and Powerful Intuitive Guide.


About the Host:

Spiritual Guide Leah Grant has had some extraordinary experiences ranging from supernatural to paranormal and interdimensional to galactic. As she was going through these adventures, she focused on serving as an Executive Coach to service-based business owners while spending her personal time delving deeper and deeper into the esoteric and mystical. In 2014, Leah began shifting her business to step into her role guiding others on their spiritual journeys. Leah is a Master Certified Coach, a Certified Master Psychic, Master Medium and Medical Intuitive. She is the Creator of Ecstatic Meditation™ and Founder of Spiritually Architect the Future–a virtual two-day immersive for participants wishing to discover the high-frequency designer within them. She is also an International multi-published best-selling author.

You can access Leah’s latest offerings, including Spiritually Architect the Future, at

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Danielle Rama Hoffman:

Welcome to the Seven Figure Spiritual Leader with Danielle Rama Hoffman. Your fast track to partner with source to create your legacy business without overworking each episode my guides and I plus my favorite six and seven figure experts will bring you energetic shifts and outer strategies to amplify your money spiritual leadership, and one of a kind can't wait to get out of bed aligned legacy movement. If you haven't already, be sure to claim your free gift, the three energetic shifts to seven figure consciousness. Go to forward slash gift to unlock your seven figure money consciousness today. Now let's dive into today's episode.

Danielle Rama Hoffman:

Hey, Divine Leader, welcome to this episode on the art of spiritual advancement, looking at the decade from 2012, to 2022 and beyond, so that you can really acknowledge what has evolved over the last 10 years and use that spiritual evolution, that spiritual advancement in a way that's moving your mission forward. So I'm going to go all in on the spiritual side of things in the seven figure spiritual leader podcast today. So I'm super excited and happy. And you're you're going to get a ton of value from this conversation. So where I would love to begin is to look at that year before December 21 2012 2012. So as you may know, I am a lifer. When it comes to raising consciousness and spiritual evolution, I've been around a while in my business as well. And so you may remember, like all the hoo ha about the Mayan calendar 2012, it was the end of the Mayan calendar, there's just a lot of, of conversation around what around 2012. And then here we are, at the time of this recording, where we're in the year 2020 22.

Danielle Rama Hoffman:

So like 10 years later, and leading towards the December 22 2022, like that 10 year anniversary, since 2012. And there, there hasn't been a lot of talk right about 2012 for quite a while. And the guides have really been pointing my attention to, to kind of cycling back and it's a big, it's a big cycle, right? It's it's a decade cycle, circling back to to really acknowledge and harvest and recognize how consciousness has changed in the last 10 years. And you can look at how consciousness has changed in the last 10 years and beyond. So if you're listening to this in 2023 2024, whatever this is a larger ark of of conversation that we're having it to really acknowledge the evolution in consciousness and how things have changed it. It provides a platform for you to be current and be playing the current game. So what was working in 2011 in your business, and when it came to your mission is not the same thing that's working in 2022, the principles may be the same. And yet, there there's a lot of things that have changed. So it's a little bit like if you're playing soccer before 2012. And now in 2022, you still have a ball but you're playing basketball, all the all the rules at work in soccer, which is like you don't touch the ball with your hands, you're kicking it. That doesn't work in basketball, in basketball, you're you're dribbling the ball with your hands, you're not dribbling the ball with your foot. And and so that applies in so many ways. And so we're talking about spiritual advancement, spiritual evolution as it applies to your daily life because to me, it's it's not only about of course, evolving our consciousness in the higher planes yet how that translates to our daily life to our mission, to our abundance to the good that we're doing in the world to to our to our joy to our health to our energy to our businesses. So we are looking At the lens of the art of spiritual advancement, as we see it and experience it, not only inside yet also in our external environment.

Danielle Rama Hoffman:

Okay, so now that I've set the stage for this, this conversation, the first thing that I would love for you to do is to kind of look back at what rite of passage did you experience in the year leading up to December 2012. Now, I know that may take you a little bit of time to kind of get yourself back there. I know, for me that there was there was some pretty big rite of passages. And, and in particular, we moved to France in November of 2012. And so that time of the end of the Mayan calendar that time of the where was I, on December 21 2012, I know for me exactly where I was, because I had just made a very big rite of passage kind of move. And, and that move had so many ripple effects, it had so many ripple effects that was perfect. For my spiritual evolution, the the advanced spiritual work that I was here to do was, it was very important on a soul level on a longer evolution and consciousness for me to make that move, and also, for my business, and for my mission and all the things. So once you have a sense, and, and I can hear some of you, right, because one of my gifts is telepathic communication, multi dimensional communication, that's how I channeled the guides and also how we're having a live conversation, even though this is recorded, and I'm not talking to you, verbally, it I hear some of you going like I didn't have Danielle, I didn't have a rite of passage between 2011 2012. And I would challenge you to go deeper, if you want to pause this and really reflect, find a way to spark and this can be in any area of your life. So I said move, I could have talked about other rites of passages that were a part of my business, like in 2011. That was my first multi six figure year. That's where I, I downloaded a certain program, like there's, there's things I could have talked about in terms of my business. And yet I talked about a move. So maybe you had an ending, which is also a rite of passage, an ending of a relationship, or a job or something, something completed.

Danielle Rama Hoffman:

So once you have that kind of rite of passage, I invite you now to kind of fast forward 10 years. And I look at what rite of passage are you in in 2022. And so again, if you're listening to this three years from now, because podcasts are evergreen, and whatever I do is always energetically amplified and encoded. And so there's many dimensions to it. So and as a visionary, I see things way in advance. So if you're listening to this later, you can still kind of go okay, well 2022 What rite of passage was I in? And so that may be like, for example, for me in 2022, I just submitted my manuscript, and card deck for like the next body of work that's going to get published in 2023. So that's a rite of passage. It may be that you are owning your home free and clear maybe that you started your business it may be that you're you're having also a money rite of passage where you you're having your first six year, six figure years, seven figure year, whatever it is, it may also be a rite of passage, as you all may know, like I'm an avid hiker and love hiking, that one of the rites of passages that I know that I'll have this year is inshallah is to to hike another 500 kilometers of the Camino. So that's a physical rite of passage. Having a baby getting married. And again, I'm kind of talking about life and business here to open up how you're looking at what rite of passage is are you in.

Danielle Rama Hoffman:

And so the first segment of this podcast is really acknowledging, by looking at your life, that the rites of passages that you had in 2012, and now in 2022, and that the first important key is to really acknowledge that, and you may also feel this kind of momentum of like, especially in the first six months of 2022, of Okay, what else? What are the what are the big things are coming to a place of completion. And so, again, for me, it was a book, and there are other things that that are unfolding on on the physical plane as well, two things that got started in 2012, that now are getting completed in 2022, especially in the first six months. And to, to really recognize that when there are these rites of passages when there are these milestones in your life, when, when these kind of bigger things happen. Looking at a decade of your life, that's a bigger cycle than okay, I'm going to do my 90 day plan or something like that. Their spiritual evolution that's attached to those that are not attached is connected to those milestones in your life, that are connected to those larger evolution and consciousness.

Danielle Rama Hoffman:

And so, you know, if I look at moving to France, for me, and that rite of passage and what happened on a spiritual level, there was so much there, because it was one of those forms of D identification. And that may be another way as you're kind of going. I still don't know what my rite of passage is, Danielle, it may also be something that was a D identification, or if we look at, from the Egyptian perspective of, of Isis and Osiris, that there was this dismemberment process of Osiris being dismembered into 14 different parts, and ISIS collecting the parts and everywhere she found when she built a temple along the Nile, and then the resurrection of Osiris, through ISIS and Nephthys, through through divine love, in, in the Rama form the sun in the moon, the ISIS who's more forward facing and Nephthys that works in the in the non physical and in the light, in the night in the light in, in a nighttime the moon, the lunar energy. And so for me, there was this move into France, that was one of those dismemberment, D identification. Kind of the way that I was, really was disintegrated. And I chose and also my soul chose to an experience like that, that, that accelerated that that accelerated that. So moving to a new country, where I had already been an established author and business owner and had you know, this, this career identity and my friends and my family and just the simple things of of going to the grocery store and to this very beautiful and yet humbling and bringing things to the surface experience of moving to France, not speaking the language. Nobody knowing who I was, was a little bit like also socializing, making friends making connections, without being able to speak I'm a channel I'm a divine transmitter, like, communicating is the essence of, of what it is that I'm up to. Of course, I can inter dimensionally communicate, so that was always helpful. And and yet there was this, that that experience that did bring up a lot of the old paradigm slower vibrational fears, and doubts and emotions have and like kind of the bare ones like fear of dying alone. And, and so when you are looking at your rite of passage and what's happening in your life, as a pathway for your evolution in consciousness as a pathway for your spiritual advancement, and this is one of the big differences of 2012 to 2022 Is that what used to evolve you, in 2012 had a lot to do with overcoming something or a slower vibrational experience, a slower vibrational thought or, or emotion or kind of what I'm talking about this, like wake up call that that and often a lot of us get started on our path of, of spiritual advancement of spiritual evolution of moving into the new paradigm, because of some catalyst, some wake up call, maybe it was burnout, maybe it was whatever, whatever it was for you that now in 2022, the way to evolve spiritually has changed a time it's changed a time, it's, it's like trying to dribble your ball down the field hold with the soccer rules, is not going to be what is going to move you forward now or two, to get those those quantum leaps in your connection with source and in really being the embodied ex expression of your of your mission in each and every now moment.

Danielle Rama Hoffman:

And so that is is a big difference. And so let's break that down a little bit more. And I know that this is a theme that I talk about that Thoth and The Council of Light talk about is like the whole what got you there in 2012 will not get you here, toy two in the new paradigm, what and there's nothing really there's not a lot more to be garnered from repeating those repetitive patterns of doubt and fear and lack that there's so much more to be garnered from co creation, from Love from abundance from this entire lean new operating system, where meditation and you're in your spiritual evolution is not only for like, Okay, I'm going on this retreat, or I'm going to sit down and meditate for five minutes a day. It's ongoing all the time, every now moment, and in a very integrated way. So as I and we work at divine transmissions with a lot of practitioners, healers, coaches, experts, leaders, authors, that one of the differences here is also really like a lot of times we might have gotten into these fields, to heal something within ourselves, and to be in that coaching seat for example. And, and yet, there's a disconnect between perhaps the message that we speak, and our experience of it. And now there really is like, Who I am is Danielle, for example. While I'm here on a podcast, while I'm at the grocery store, while I'm continuing to learn French, while I'm with my horses while I'm with my family while I'm with my friends, while I'm channeling while I'm working with with the energy of money and and finances, it's like it's very integrated. There's a there's a very integrated way of being and that the more that I'm really leaning into this seven figure spiritual leader In this new paradigm of of helping or facilitating or holding space, to a whole new archetype of healer, an entirely new way of being a contribution that comes from overflow that comes from abundance that comes from really being connected in in more and more and more and more, now moments.

Danielle Rama Hoffman:

Okay, so, to summarize, what I've spoken about so far, is that to really harvest your spiritual advancement, and your spiritual evolution, from 2012, to 2022, is to take a look at like a bookend of right a passages. So if I look at, if you look at your 2012, rite of passage, and your 2022 rite of passage, then those can, those can, can shine the light and you can harvest you can acknowledge, you can really access more of what what's changed for you, in that decade. And then the second thing is now to be really playing this new game in a way that's very integrated. And that's another way of talking about what really has changed and what's different now is that it's not like spiritual concepts. It's it's the embodiment, and the actualization and the expression of those spiritual concepts in a way that you can touch them in a way that you can feel them in a way that that it's, it's very palpable to you and to those around you. So I would be remiss if I didn't bring in the council to talk in the last five minutes or so of this podcast about 2012 to 2022. And I feel like this is something that we can go very deep into it because it's a very vast conversation and yet just having a few access points for now, will also very much accelerate your your capacity in having your connection to Source into spirituality into higher consciousness being a way that really buoys your business, your mission and your life.

Thoth; Council of Light:

Hello, dear ones, this is Thoth and a special Ascended Master Council of light moving more into the forefront of this divine transmission to continue this exploration of now, what the all as well now what now you have experienced a lot over 10 years individually, we're really talking about individually. And what 2022 and beyond requires for you individually is very bespoke, it's very customized, it's very tailored to you. And that is also one of the universal changes from 2012 to 2022. Is that in the old paradigm, there was a lot of one size fits all learning systems and applying them trying to fit in, flying under the radar, the collective consciousness and in 2022 There's a lot of and beyond a lot of innovation, a lot of individualization being an individual, what we speak of as individualized oneness, to really Believe the the hard to to step into your unique brilliance and path. And that also really honors that although there's a lot happening on the earth, at any given moment like there is a lot that's happening. What has to do with your path, and especially those rite of passage kind of experiences, where you meet somebody that's really going to make a difference in your path, maybe you're, you're meeting some one right now, where you're connecting with us. And with Danielle, that's really going to make a difference in on your path of, of having a spiritual mentorship team of beings of light in light and a being a white incarnate as Danielle. And that as you have these rites, of passages, and these very bespoke experiences for you, there's a lot that just doesn't apply to your path has always been the case. And yet, it's, it's even more pronounced, it's even more pronounced. So maybe before you would try to be well rounded or versatile, or a lot of the ideas where you had to be the jack, the jack or the Jill of all trades. And now there's a recognition of actually, every moment of your day, who is in it, what you're focused on, the experiences that you create, are 100% tailor made for you. And what if now, you can start to experience even more of those types of experiences, individuals, opportunities, that really exponentiating your capacity to be an embodied, advanced, dialed in spiritual being that is applying the art of spiritual advancement in a way that really makes your life phenomenal, and also ripples out into the lives of others. So we would complete it this time, we know that there was a lot of value that was transmitted verbally and also in the non physical rounds in the higher planes. And then at the very least, we sense that you have started to look at some of your rites of passages in terms of how they have accelerated your consciousness, and then how having an accelerated consciousness then increases the and amplifies the potency of your unique one of a kind, lifetime business and experience. So it's not spiritual advancement just for the sake of it. It's really integrated. It's really integrated in a way that you're not in the cave. You're you're connected, you're connected. And so a few signs that you would like to explore how we may support you in your evolution and consciousness and how that's applied. As it relates to your mission to being a seven figure spiritual leader to leading a global movement, then we would invite you to reach out to us to send a direct message on Facebook, and then we can also share based on what it is that you're looking for. The best way that we may be able to support you because we have these very beautiful opportunities to partner with us that are quite different and unique. And, and so we can also explore what might be an optimal match at that time extending our acknowledgement and contribution to the rites of passages and your spiritual advancement. All is light and love. And we are all