“The eyes are the window into your soul; your journals are the doorway.” 


Leah’s JOURNALING INSPIRATION books contain memes with quotes of sayings to contemplate and exploratory questions to get your writing juices flowing.

Journaling allows the mind to process in a different way than thinking.

It is cathartic.

It is a productive way to work through difficult or painful situations.

It’s an outlet for the imagination.

It is an account of our inner world.


Leah has designed a number of journals with memes and question prompts to get the journaling juices flowing. These journals have been designed with colorful memes to inspire contemplation and provocative questions to get your journaling juices flowing.


Which journal will you choose?


    • Journaling Inspiration for Self-Discovery

    • Journaling Inspiration for Self-Awareness

    • Journaling Inspiration for Self-Healing

Self-Awareness Journal

Self-Awareness is a constant process that Leah has guided hundreds of client through. In this journal, she combines perceptive quotes with stimulating questions to prompt you into a deeper knowing of yourself.


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Self-Awareness Inside Pages

Self-Discovery Journal

Self-Discovery is an intimate process that Leah has coached hundreds of clients through. In this journal, she couples thoughtful quotes with provocative questions you likely haven’t asked yourself to prompt you into discovering more about who you are and who you want to be.


Self-Healing Journal

Self-Healing is a natural process that leah identified after going through a cancer experience. It takes place on multiple levels. In this journal, Leah presents quotes about physical, mental emotional and spiritual healing combined with relevant questions to  prompt you into aligning with your self-healing superpower.


Sample Inside Pages

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