Regenerative EcoSystem Project

Leah has joined partners Michael Sean Brown and Adam Krim, in stewarding a complex, multi-layered new paradigm ecosystem development project.

The way we have built cities isolates people and ties them to a grid controlled by a limited number of companies. Old city design allows for packing the most people into the smallest space and plugging them all into public services like water, electric and gas. Quantum technologies now exist that can allow for unlimited power resources, as well as granting more personal freedom to people around how they wish to live. 

Visionary Michael Sean Brown, through the thoughtful planning of, not just housing, or commercial, or transportation, or community, but looking at all these components together has created a next level ecosystem that supports itself.

Targeted to be built about an hour southwest of Las Vegas, the full project encompasses more than 5,000 acres and includes plans for aquaponics, a state-of-the-art wellness facility, a senior care center, a fully regenerative music festival theme park, a retreat center, a meditation center, multiple eco-villages featuring tiny homes, Airstream villages, urban co-living, an airport, a RV resort, and much more.

The anchor project, Delphi Village, is a permanent festival grounds, a consciousness playground, an entertainment center, and a technology showcase.  The entire 155-acre project will be built completely out of regenerative technologies including quantum power generators, atmospheric water generators, Tesla technology, composting toilets, next-level solar, and others. Delphi Village will be the home of a year round outdoor amphitheater, Delphi Amphitheater.  Delphi will accommodate 10,000 visitors for festivals and camping events and between 25,000 – 30,000 people for concerts.

Ten miles from the Delphi Village site lies an old mining town which will become the foundation of the new paradigm city mixing the old with the new. Multiple eco-villages, aquatic operations, aquaponics, an airport, a RV resort, and a historical re-creation of the mining town are some of the elements planned.

Proceeds from the ecosystem will be funneled into Delphi Foundation, a non-profit designed to fund other regenerative ecosystem projects.

Years of concepts, designs, meetings, financial models, building a team, and pitching potential investors have gone into this project so far. Much has been done, and there’s so much more to do. 

Currently, we are open to investors. There are many options for getting involved. If this idea excites you, Leah would be happy to speak with you.

Reach out to Leah now.

Delphi Village Proposed Layout

Delphi Village Proposed Layout