Smart, sassy women

Solid, sexy men

Modern, playful stories sprinkled
with humor and magic

These are the elements of Leiah’s books…



A deadly fire. A hot Sheriff. A pregnant suspect.

Sheriff Cooper had purposely chosen the quiet Colorado mountain town to escape his past in Texas. Britney Perkins currently resided there to repay a family for their kindness and generosity by providing surrogate services while completing her PhD. Cooper is now trying to solve the murders of the couple killed in the fire Britney escaped, so he can resume his solitude. 

However, Britney awakens something within the Sheriff, so he opts to keep her close during his investigation. With tensions and chemistry high, but trust low, Cooper works diligently to determine who started the deadly blaze.

Will his findings leave Britney a mother or a murderer?

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Misconceptions Raves

“What do you do when the woman of your dreams is…pregnant? When hunky Sheriff Cooper first met Britney, sparks flew. And, a few months later, when he discovers she’s single and a surrogate mom, things look even more promising. Except for the unfortunate fact that she is the main suspect in two murders he has to solve. When it seems someone is stalking the sexy lady, Cooper brings her under his watch, and they struggle against a romance that wants to blossom. Leiah Grant delivers a fun romance that’s both suspenseful and charming with some genuine LOL moments. I highly recommend this contemporary read!”

Jeanne Adams
Best-Selling Romantic Suspense Author
Washington DC

“I couldn’t put it down. The book kept surprising me. I had questions and emotions surface with each page. It takes you for a ride. Unpredictable! A fun read for a quick get away.  Want more.”

Sally Rondeau 
Las Vegas, NV

“Captivating and suspenseful. The confused emotions of Britney, because of her pregnancy, and Cooper, because of his previous experience, make the characters feel very real. The flow and twists kept me engaged in the multi-layered storylines. I also liked the vivid descriptions. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and was so into it, I read it in two sittings, and I wasn’t disappointed as it delivered a blockbuster ending.”

Marsha Gallardo
Mead, CO

Falling in Snow

A series of tragic events leaves Public Relations Executive Olivia DuBois estranged from her Maui-bound fiance and stranded in Boston during a blizzard days before Christmas.

A handsome Brit in the same quandary, yet more prepared for horribly cold weather, rides to her rescue, and the California girl falls hard. Emerson Glascoigne-Lake manifests the quintessential knight in shining armor, but has all kinds of battle scars from a previous relationship.

As a hotel full of patrons trapped with them provide unexpected entertainment, Olivia and Emerson wrestle with their attraction. Throw in a family heirloom that indicates one’s true love for the wearer, yet keeps sending baffling messages to Olivia, and you have a full-blown holiday adventure.

Will Olivia listen to the heirloom or follow her heart?

Release Delayed

Get an excerpt from Falling in Snow now and start receiving Love Notes.

Falling in Snow Raves

“First of all, this novella was amazing! I had intended on just reading a little bit prior to bed and ended up staying awake and reading the whole book. Captivating from start to finish. Definitely a page turner! You could feel the intense chemistry being manifested throughout the book. It was easy to align with both Olivia and Emerson, and to experience the plot unfold before your own eyes.”

Jenny Swanson
San Diego, CA

“Leah is an exciting new voice in contemporary fiction. Falling in Snow is a must-read tale for any fan of the Brethren of the Coast.”

Barb Devlin
USA Today Best-selling Author of the Brethren Series and Pirates of the Coast Series

“Leiah Grant sweeps her reader into a scintillating scenario of cascading, quivering emotions as Olivia seeks to find “truth” hidden in the abyssal, evanescent and flickering wisdom of a an ancient brooch (itself, jealously and vigilantly, guarding a legacy foretelling an ancient spell, and poignant legacy of eternal and boundless love.”

Barry C. McLawhorn
Atlanta, Georgia

Meet Leiah

Leiah writes edgy, sexy, humor-filled chick lit stories about fabulous women, hot men, and the often crazy situations they encounter on the road to love.

She won her first creative writing contest in the sixth grade and has always found pleasure in weaving stories.

As a fan of Harlequin’s Intrigue series in college, Leiah wrote her first book, Misconceptions, a romantic suspense, for their line. Its rejection by the large publisher was a blessing because it challenged her to explore other genres. 

When she scribbled a single scene to enter in a Romance Writers of America editor’s critique at a retreat and all three editors said they wanted more from her, she knew she’d found her voice in chick lit. Falling in Snow is her first chic lit book.

Leiah is a pen name for Leah Grant. Leah elevates consciousness as a Master Certified Coach, a metaphysics teacher, a multi-published author, and a Mystic. She is also the creator of Ecstatic Meditation.

When she’s not traveling, which she does frequently, Leiah lives in Las Vegas, NV.

Media Mention

Rae Latte, of Books I Love A Latte read an early version of Falling in Snow, and here’s what she had to say:

“Do you believe in magic?

In Falling in Snow by Leiah Grant we meet Olivia DuBois who is dealing with a family illness, a man who claims to only have eyes for her but really doesn’t, and a penchant for finding herself in embarrassing situations at the most inappropriate time!

When her so-called boyfriend professes his desire to go on to Hawaii without her even though she’s facing the most difficult moment in her life she can’t seem to wonder if he’s truly the one for her. In a fleeting moment her Grandmother passes down the family brooch in hopes that her granddaughter will truly find happiness and her beloved. 

Will this be the catalyst for her to change course and discover a life she’s meant to live?

A run-in with a Brit in a most unexpected place leads her on a journey of the heart, mind and soul. Travel along to discover what happens when you mix magic with a raging blizzard and a sexy man with an accent. 

This one is sure to leave your toes curling too!

After reading Leiah’s novella, I am hoping that she will expand and give us more!”


Falling in Snow was first published by Leiah as The Brit, The Brooch, and the Blizzard in 2014 under the pseudonym Caitlenn T. Ainnsley in the Sultry Sisters Anthology: A Jewel in Time.