What Is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy, or essential oil therapy uses natural plant extracts to balance, harmonize, and promote the well-being of the body, mind, and spirit.

Each essential oil has its own set of properties that align with it being good for treating different desired states of being. Essential oils are inhaled, applied topically, added to water, or ingested, depending on the oil.

Leah’s Aromatherapy Story

I first encountered essential oils in college when I attended a yoga class.  The teacher would choose different scents to set the mood and match the theme of the evening’s practice.  I investigated and learned that essential oils were an ancient form of medicine, and so I began buying and learning more about their various uses. 

I now own over 200 oils. When home, I diffuse daily.  I make sprays to take with me when I travel to infuse the air wherever I go with uplifting and cleansing scents. I use them in my bath, on my pillow, and in my closet (cedar keeps away the moths!)  I also make cosmetic products using them, and I even ingest some.

Get Your Essential Oils

As aromatherapy has gotten more popular, essential oils are available just about everywhere, including the grocery store.  It’s important to know where the companies are sourcing their material as harmful chemicals can be amplified in the oils. Essential oil products should never leave a residue in your diffuser.

Born from being an active and avid user of the products, I am an Independent Wellness Advocate for one company, DoTerra, that produces quality essential oils only available through their Wellness Advocates.

To view the catalog and purchase, go HERE.

Leah’s Recipes

Skin care, well-being, cleaning, and more, all made with quality essential oils.