How to Receive Valuable Spiritual Guidance in Your Inbox Every Month

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~ Seven Unique Items Delivered to Your Inbox ~


A fillable PDF providing profound prompts specifically for processing emotions. 

Journaling provides a sacred space to empty out, sort through and resolve issues while deepening your self-awareness. 

This JOURNALING INSPIRATION PDF can be filled out online or printed. 


A FREQUENCY ELEVATION track called Etheric 528 Hz. 

528HZ Solfeggio Frequency is known as the love frequency . It is believed to resonate at the center of everything connecting all aspects of ourselves into a harmonious vibration. 

This track without vocals can be played in the background or used while you meditate. 


A DIVINE CONTRIBUTION to the multi-author book 365 Soulful Messages: The Right Guidance at the Right Time.  

Divinely Guided to Sin City is the story of how Leah ended up living in Las Vegas when she had no intention of doing so. 

This story can serve as inspiration on your own journey. 



Ecstatic Meditation™ combines movement, mantra, music and mediation to release stuck emotions and elevate your state. Leah sings in Sanskrit on this mini meditation that’s a perfect way to start your day!


A video of clips from the first season of the Adventures in Mysticism podcast. 

Adventures in Mysticism is Leah’s podcast focusing on her and her guests true stories of encounters with the paranormal, supernatural, mystical and otherworldly.


THE ADVENTURES IN MYSTICISM COMPILATION gives you a taste of what Leah and her guests share on the podcast.


An infographic of the 11 clairs as identified by Leah.

INTUITION ILLUMINATION walks through the traditional forms of intuition  as well as three additional ones named by Leah. 

Use this graphic to note which clairs you are using, or want to develop. 


A general adaptive reading with a message embedded in it for you. 

ORACLE DIVINATION is one type of reading Leah does using one or more of her over 50 oracle card decks that delivers insight, guidance and messages.


Think of a question or situation you’d like some perspective about, then watch this reading for the special guidance it has for you.

Confidentiality Promise: Leah will never sell or share your information.


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