This AIM episode’s mystical adventure Jason shares how a dream included details of a physical gift he received two weeks later, the significance of the alligator in another dream, and being part of The Light System (TLS) – a group of terrestrial and non-terrestrial beings.
In this AIM episode’s mystical adventure, Shivany Gonell shares three stories about her first experience sharing her gifts around her aunt’s undiagnosed illness, being saved by “a voice”, and receiving a supernatural present from an unknown being.
This AIM episode’s mystical adventure explores how wanting to lose weight led Leah into a spiritual cult, a shapeshifting spiritual leader, and a superhuman van rescue. Learn what happens when you ignore red flags and Leah’s spiritual nickname.
This AIM episode’s mystical adventure explores the weirdest retreat Leah’s ever attended and how she ended up performing exorcisms. Join Leah as she shares about her incident with the flaming face, giant unexplained bite marks, and seeing dark shadows in people’s eyes.
This AIM episode’s mystical adventure outlines the relationship Leah had for two months, including all of her date’s unexplainable, odd behaviors, the bizarre gift he gave her, and his ability to create heat and manifest items at will. Leah explores her missing time in the Sedona desert and her date's strange intimacy requests.
This AIM episode’s mystical adventure explores how an atheist encouraged Leah’s belief of past lives, her regression hypnotherapy session with Michaela Boehm, and how Leah came to believe in reincarnation.

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