This AIM episode’s mystical adventure Minerva shares how she lucid dreamt of winning her dance position, her Grandmother’s visit to her the moment of her passing, and communicating with both her children’s souls before they were in the physical.
This AIM episode’s mystical adventure VerdarLuz shares his story of synchronicity regarding the second time he had a lung collapse and what led him to become an astrologer. Discover the different types of spacecraft he’s seen and his journey with sleep paralysis starting at age 19.
This AIM episode’s mystical adventure Elisabeth shares how she went from severely depressed and near-suicidal to healed in one visit from her deceased father, the in womb and birth regressions she experienced, and what she felt in the Egyptian tunnels.
In AIM episode’s mystical adventure Adam shares his amazing awakening story of going into and through the eye of the universe, and the highlights of his long encounter meeting ET ambassadors. Learn how his experiences have shaped his purpose and what led to him co-founding UNIFY Movement and his multiple academies.
This AIM episode’s mystical adventure Katherine shares details about two of her near-death experiences and how she ended up with two other consciousnesses with her after one of them. Learn about a few of her out of body experiences and how she got a UFO to show itself to her.
This AIM episode’s mystical adventure Gil shares about a supernatural gathering he found himself at, a gift of an ancient wolf necklace plus a message from a mysterious woman, having playdates with Source, and what it means to be a soulful human.

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